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Yellow Corvette

On the Road with Martin Krolop

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We are standing inside a shabby, dirty courtyard. Whereever you look, you see metal shavings, rusty wires and iron bars on the floor.

It is hard to imagine, that this place is an ideal scenery for a photo shoot. But here he comes, Martin Krolop, the man who can shoot everywhere. He places a brand new Yellow Corvette in the Yard with a beautiful model in front. Within some minutes everything is illuminated with flashes and this seemingly dirty courtyard is gleaming now in new splendor.

In this film, Martin Krolop declares his lighting setup and gives some tips on successful positioning of the model.


Nicely done

I´m already using the same lightning techniques for my own pictures. STill i found this video interesting and i really like the hint about positioning the model when shooting with a wide angel from the ground!