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Naked Ambition

Pornstar Portraits by Michael Grecco

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Los Angeles based photographer, Michael Grecco has taken portraits of many of the world’s most recognized celebrities such as, Martin Scorsese, Mel Brooks, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarrantino, and Johnny Cash.

We met Grecco at the "recontre arles" photo festival in southern France and sat down with him to discuss his third photography book, "Naked Ambition", his first coffee table book. Naked Ambition is a personal look at the adult entertainment industry, shot on location during the adult video awards in Las Vegas.

Grecco’s portraits give viewers a fresh aspect of the culture and people who make the adult entertainment industry what it is. The book is neither sex, nor sexy. His subjects resemble iconic Rock’n’Roll stars, juxtaposed with the realness of the moment. The portraits are situations where relationships are portrayed truly, true stories of real people. Grecco’s accurate photo study tells a new story full of irony and humor, beautifully lit, thoughtfully provoking, and as equally exciting, Naked Ambition is a book from a very insightful photographer.


He's a role model

I find it amazing with how much tact Grecco is painting the portrait of this culture. For me he is a role model. I wish you good light! -- Michael


It must be really spectacular on such sex-fair.:) Anyway - shot from this book are impressing. Thanks for inspiration Good light